(Note: to be able to use Bills of Materials you need to have activated the Work Order module by going to Your Profile > Billing and Admin > Setup Account and ticking the Enable Work Order checkbox.)

The Bill of Materials is a list that includes a set of Products and the Product quantity per row and can be assigned to Products that are of type Manufacture from Work Order or Βuy From Supplier or Manufacture From Work Order. Products that are included in a Bill of Materials may be any Type of Products. To create a Bill of Materials, the user may click on the respective list icon while in the Products module.

Clicking the list icon brings up the Bill of Materials window for that Product.


  • Bills of Materials may also be added through the Data Import module.
  • The quantity of each component in the Bill of Materials should be set as to manufacture one (1) unit of the Finished Good Product. Manufacturing more units of the Finished Good can be set in the Work Order process.
  • The Bill of Materials of a Finished Good Product is editable unless a Work Order exists for that Finished Good. See more on this issue here.
  • The Bill of Materials must be the same for all the Work Orders that will manufacture the same Finished Good. In case a slightly different Bill of Materials is needed, the user should create another - different - Finished Good Product and create the new slightly different Bill of Materials for it.
  • The Cost of the component refers to the unit cost (calculated with the weighted average costing method) and will be displayed if the user that accesses the Bill of Materials has also sufficient user access permissions to view the Inventory Value report.
  • This module is also accessible by the ProductBOMGet API function. For more, visit the Megaventory API layer here.

Also, the Bill of Materials gives you the ability to handle the case that you receive/order in batches, but you sell the individual items. For details click here.