The following options can be used to customize a report:

  • A user may click on any tab to change sorting (ascending/descending) of figures in the report displayed. A sorted field is recognized by the sort icon.
  • A filter can be applied by clicking on the filter icon and then selecting the entities to display by checking/unchecking the appropriate checkboxes. An applied filter is displayed with an orange color. This means that only a subset of figures is displayed in the report.

  • A user may click on the minus or plus icons that are present on some fields to contract or expand connected contents
  • Dragging and dropping specific fields to the column area to re-arrange the display of columns is also supported. Two positioning arrows appear in place to denote that the field can be dropped. 

  • A user may click on a data cell to obtain further information regarding the figures shown (data drilldown). This option supported in the Products Movements report, the Purchases Report, the Sales Report, the Sales Order and Purchase Order reports and the Works report.
  • A user may click the calendar filter to choose to display only the figures related to Today, Yesterday, the Last Seven Days to Date, the Previous Week, the Current Month, the Previous Month, the Current Quarter, the Previous Quarter, the Current Year and the Previous Year.

  • A user may click on the show adjustment documents filter (available in the Product Movements report only) to choose to include or not Adjustment Plus or Adjustment Minus documents in the report.

  • A user may click Show More Fields and then choose the fields that they want to be displayed in the report.

  • A user may change the currency to choose to display the data in another reporting currency. This applies only if more than one reporting currencies are applied to the account.