If a custom report has been designed (choosing specific fields, applying filters etc.), a user may save the custom report by clicking on the Save Report option that brings up the Save Report dialog.

The Save Report dialog allows for naming the custom report (up to 20 characters are allowed). Saved reports are made available to the Dashboard of Megaventory and by clicking the Saved Reports option that will bring up the Saved Reports dialog.

If the share option is clicked next to a report name, then, the custom report (fields, configuration and filters) will be visible to all users of the Megaventory account. However each user will see only those data that he/she has been given access to according to the user access permissions. A custom report may be deleted by clicking on the trashcan icon next to the report.

  • Each users may save up to 10 different reports per report type (the maximum number of saved reports per report type in an account is X*10, where X is the number of users in the account)