Adding a new Product to the account requires - at minimum - the setting of the compulsory fields of the SKU code and the Product Description


  • This module is also accessible by the ProductUpdate API function. For more, visit the Megaventory API Layer.
  • Products may also be added and/or updated through the Data Import module. When updating the "Main supplier" field of products through import, the field has to match the name of one of the suppliers in the database exactly.
  • A product can also be selected and deleted from the list of your products.
  • In the Unit of Stock field, you can also enter your own value apart from the preset ones in the drop-down menu.
  • If a Product is of 'Manufacture from Work Order' Type then its Default Purchase Price is set to 0 (and actually cannot be edited from this form).
  • To delete a product that you have in stock, first, you need to zero its quantity. You can easily do this with an Inventory Taking, where you only update the quantities of the products you want to delete (and erase all the other product rows).
  • To browse the list of your deleted Products, click on Show Deleted Products on the bottom of your Products list.
  • To restore deleted Products, select them from the list and click on Un-delete. Click here for detailed instructions.