You can return items upon a Goods Inbound or a Purchase Invoice by issuing a Goods Return to Supplier document.

The first step includes the selection of the Goods Inbound or Purchase Invoice document that was issued to receive the products in the inventory location of the company/organization of the Megaventory account.

Once the Document Type and the Document Number is selected the system will automatically bring up the correct type of the return document which is a) the Return of Goods to Supplier if the return is against a Goods Inbound document -or- b) the Return of Goods to Supplier & Credit if the return is against a Purchase Invoice or a Goods Inbound & Purchase Invoice.

In the special case, where one or more Purchase Invoices have been issued against a Goods Inbound document, the Return of Goods to Supplier document has to be always issued against the Purchase Invoice. That will make sure that the value of the returned items will be appropriate credited to your company which has the correct effect on Purchase Reports.

Adding the Goods Return document to the account requires -at minimum- the insertion of at least one Product row in the Product Details form. In case the document is a Return of Goods to Supplier & Credit, the Unit Price refers to the credit (per Product) that the supplier gives back to the company/organization of the Megaventory account. In the case of a full refund, it should match the Unit Price of the original Purchase Invoice document that this return document is issued against.

The document can be either saved as Pending (Draft) or Verified. In case the document is saved as Pending it will be assigned a temporary id of the form “--“ and will not have any effect (no quantity changes) in the account other than that it remains saved for future work or for review (since the rows under the Product Details tab remains open for editing). When products are physically shipped back to the supplier, the user should click the Verify option of the document and choose the shipping inventory location. This action reduces the quantity of the Products in the document in the shipping inventory location.

  • A Verified Goods Return to Supplier document cannot be reverted to Pending.
  • With the Goods Return to Supplier document, the products may be shipped from another inventory location from the one that were originally received in.
  • Verifying a Goods Return to Supplier document is an irreversible action.
    Correcting a mistake in the Product Details form (for example a wrong Product quantity or pricing details) can only be achieved by cancelling the whole document and adding it again in the account. The action of cancelling (voiding ) a Goods Return to Sup plier document reverts all the quantity effects that were applied when the document was verified. The cancelled Goods Return to Supplier document will remain in the documents list.

Once saved as Pending or Verified, the document can be printed or emailed by clicking the respective print/email icons at the header of the Goods Return document. More printing/emailing options include printing a Picking Slip, a Packing Slip and a Delivery Slip. The Picking and Packing Slips are to be used internally and do not include supplier or product pricing information. The Delivery Slip includes the supplier information but does not include product pricing information.

To conclude all the actions related to the Goods Return to Supplier document, the user may

mark it as Closed. A closed document cannot be cancelled and its header fields become non-editable.

  • Closing a Goods Return to Supplier document is an irreversible action.

Note: You cannot import a Document of this Type in bulk using the Import tool. Please use the application to create such documents.