Yes. Moreover, Megaventory is compatible with any kind of hardware device: you may use any barcode scanner with Megaventory to fill in the rows of documents (eg. goods in, goods out, sales/purchase orders).

Note that any typical barcode scanner which can connect via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth to the laptop or desktop which Megaventory is accessed from will do.

To enable this, please check the option "Products are added using a barcode scanner" when creating a document. You will then be able to scan each product code and the system will automatically move on to the next row, enabling the filling of rows in an automatic manner.

You can also use a barcode scanner to ship products against a Sales Order or receive products against a Purchase Order. This can be done when the Ship button of the Sales Order is clicked and the Ship pop-up appears. Similarly, this option is available for the Purchase Order when the Receive button of the Purchase Order is clicked and the Receive pop-up appears.